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Building your credit is a process that takes time and effort. We can create a path to building your credit to 700.

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Starting a business is one of the ways to build wealth. Learn how to setup an LLC today.

Business Funding

Your biggest return on investment will always be when you bet on yourself.  Starting a business and understanding business credit is key.

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DeAngelo has worked with hundreds of people teaching them how to structure their credit and fund businesses.

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DeAngelo Watson

DeAngelo Watson is a native of North Carolina. He received a B.S. in Computer Science at the North Carolina A&T State University. Shortly after graduating, Watson began his corporate journey.

It did not take long before he realized he needed to find a different path to build wealth.

He became proficient in personal finance, credit, and business. As a tech professional, finance consultant, and author, DeAngelo truly enjoys sharing knowledge. Eventually, the mission grew into building wealth strategies by leveraging credit and helping others become Financially Fit.

Over the years, #FinanciallyFitFriday tips became popular on social media. It helped thousands and became his mission to empower the masses, which birthed FFB Enterprises.